• Special Events Leaders
    We need leaders to plan and coordinate our annual fund raising event, as well as volunteers to help decorate, obtain auction donations and build excitement about AZWTC.
  • Donor Campaigns Leaders
    Work with Board Members on donation campaigns, helping develop and plan fund raising opportunities with friends of AZWTC and the business community.
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    We need a leader to create and coordinate our volunteer program, which includes building excitement about joining our team, recruiting volunteers and matching their talents with AZWTC's needs.
  • Administrative Support
    We need help maintaining our mailing lists, responding to phone messages, and maintaining our historical archive.

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Stage Production

  • Stage Hands
    We need volunteers who can help organize props, costumes and help back stage during productions.
  • Box Office Manager
    Manage the box office for a production, including arranging for personnel on performance nights, processing (working with our ticketing service to organize) web telephone ticket orders.
  • Audience Services
    We need volunteers who enjoy meeting, greeting, and seating our patrons throughout the season. Ticket taking and program distribution will be part of your responsibilities.

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Marketing/Public Relations

  • Photographer
    We need still photographers to capture magic moments on stage during dress rehearsals or at special events. Your photographs may be shown in our on line newsletter, our website and kept in our archives as part of AZWTC history.
  • Graphic Designers
    We need graphic design skills for print, email and web design including help creating our newsletters, programs and publicity materials.
  • Distribution Coordinators
    We need volunteers to help get the word out about AZWTC. We need help distributing flyers and show posters to make sure as many people as possible hear about our shows.
  • Web Presence Expansion
    Join our community of friends, exchanging web links with your business to help build both of our search capabilities. Our new website will feature business supporters with shared links.
  • Web Master
    Design, update and maintain our website.

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