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2018 - 2019 Season

They're Closing MAX FACTOR'S

  • A deep dive into the dirt and gossip under the 'makeup' of famous movie stars. By Christopher Geoffrey McPherson, a staged reading.


2017 - 2018 Season


  • An imagined meeting in the salon of Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas by Steven Carl McCasland, directed by Joy Bingham Strimple


  • Based on interviews of women who survived the civil war in Yugoslavia by Eve Ensler, directed by Joy Bingham Strimple


2016 - 2017 Season


  • A bumpy, beautiful road trip through life
    by Laurie Fagen, directed by Deborah Lee Hall

9th Annual Pandora Festival

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE by Lorraine Bousard - directed by Cat Hartmann
  • MOM AND DAD AT THE LESBIAN BAR by RC Contreras, directed by Layne Racowsky
  • HEROINE by Ami L. Verdugo, directed by Jenny Cohen-Sanche
  • THE REAL STORY OF LOVE by JoAnna E. Larson, directed by Aimee Bennett
  • INTAKE by Tracy Payne Black, directed by Amber Ryan
  • ALONE AT LAST by Leslie Powell, directed by Danielle Lopez
  • THE LIST by Mary Caroline Rogers, directed by Wanda McHatton
  • AN ESPRESSO KIND OF GIRL by Sydney Flynn, directed by Daniela Crispo Talarico
  • BIRTHDAY GIRL by Megan A. O'Connor, directed by Joy Bingham Strimple
  • THE SLASHER by Jane Donnelly Cruickshank, directed by Bryanna N. Patrick
  • THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT by Pam Burris, directed by Katibelle Collins
  • FORGET ME NOT by Amanda C Prahl, directed by Deborah Lee Hall
  • CLUELESSLY AUTOMATED by Bernadette LaMazza, directed by Kandyce Hughes
  • NIGHTSHIFT by Kristy M Westphal, directed by Nancy Brovelli Mercurio
  • THE MARRYING KIND by Barbara A. Atwood, directed by Carolyn Platt McBurney
  • PAPA POPTART by Maia C. Tipton, directed by Cat Hartmann
  • DREAMS, GREED and SEA MONSTERS by Jamie E. Maletz, directed by Jamie E. Maletz


2014 - 2015 Season

8th Annual Pandora Festival

  • Vegetal Salvaje by Bernadette E. LaMazza
  • Minute Decisions by Hira Ismail
  • The Interview by Caroline Rogers
  • Puhiza & Lisi by Rina Hajra
  • Making Adjustments by Pam Burris and Leslie Powell
  • Funeral For Us by Vanessa S. Cazarez
  • Judging The Cover by Robin Kramme
  • Monsters by Kristy M. Westfall
  • All That Matters by Hira Ismail
  • Disconnect by Christine Charlson
  • Zsa Zsa And Jean by Jane Donnely Crickshank
  • The Source by Micki Shelton
  • Let’s Eat Pancakes by Lori L. Hicks
  • 100 Rooms by Jamie E. Maletz


2012 - 2013 Season


  • The Strategy by Bernadette LaMazza,
  • Vaculux 4000 by Robin Kramme
  • World of Love by Barbara A Atwood
  • Ladies Lounge by Polly W Schlitz
  • Things by Esther B Almazan
  • Chute by Debra Rich
  • But Boss, You Said I Had To Wear A Bra by Pam Burris
  • After The Tone by Jennifer L Giralo
  • FeedingThe Furies by Andrea M Markowitz
  • Hungry by Erika Rietz
  • Sorting Out by Mary H Heyborne
  • Say Yes To Life by Virgina Fleishans and Paula Shulak
  • Elevator by Kristy M Westphal
  • Organ Recital by Pam Burris
  • Fan Girl by MandaLeigh Blunt
  • Shelter by Joan O’Dwyer

2011 -2012 SEASON

    2ND ANNUAL SHOWCASE Jewels from the Pandora Festival of Plays. 6 selected plays from the past season of new works. Two theater extravaganzas of new works by Arizona Women playwrights November 11, 12, 18, 19
  • FAMILY RECEIPES By Bernadette La Mazza
  • ME by Maia Akiva
  • PRISM by Debra Rich Gettleman
  • THE PROCEDURE by Diane Grant
  • SEEKING DESTINY by Mary Caroline Rogers
  • WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW by Larissa Brewington


Original ten minute, 1-Act, and full length plays selected by a juried panel for staged readings over 3 days. May 20, 21, 22, 2011

  • ME by Maia Akiv
  • AFTERLIFE AT THE CINEMA by Hannah Lillith Assadi
  • FIREWALL by Rita Kniess Barkey
  • THE FIRE IN MINERVA by Larissa Brewington
  • REMNANTS OF A DREAM by Ruth Cantrell
  • THE PROCEDURE by Diane Grant
  • DESPAIR OF A CHEERLEADER by Shayanna Jacobs
  • NEPHROLOGY by Sara Ilyse Jacobsen
  • OUT OF FOCUS by Carol K. Mack
  • JINXED by K. Alexis Mavromatis
  • CLOSE ENOUGH by Kellie Powell
  • A SHARED VIEW by Mary Caroline Rogers
  • THE SECRET by Kristy Westphal

2010 -2011 SEASON


  • Jewels from the PANDORA FESTIVAL OF PLAYS. 14 selected one act plays from the past five seasons of new works. Two theater extravaganzas of short works by Arizona Women Playwrights. Nov 12,13, & 19,20 2010

  • Original ten minute (9), one-act ( 3) and (2) full length plays selected by a juried panel for staged readings over 3 days. May 20, 21, 22 2011.
    This year’s festival also featured a playwright’s workshop offering a program to participants to develop their skills with renowned dramaturge, Lori Brooks

2009-2010 SEASON

  • A Mother's Will, by Julie Amparano
    You think your family is crazy. . . What about Mary's? Her husband Miguel sees no reason for staying sober, her daughter Rachel is a muppie (Mexican-American yuppie) doctor who can’t be in the same room with her sister Annette, a super-Chicana channeling Frida Kahlo, and son Mike is worried whether coming out of the closet will kill his mother outright. All Mary wants is for everyone to get along… so she can join the family of ghosts in the living room.
    March 5-15, 2010
  • The 4th Annual Pandora Festival
    Original plays by 16 Arizona women playwrights, selected by a juried panel were staged over 3 days.
    April 23-25, 2010

2008-2009 SEASON

  • Crazy. Sexy, by Deborah Carrick and Monica Long Ross
    A female look at the male world of classic pulp fiction, with guns songs, and sexy lingerie. A world premiere.
    February 13 – March 1, 2009
  • The Ophelia Project, by Rachel Bowditch and friends
    A timely contemporary and provocative piece exploring the words and lives of writers Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf, woven around the iconic figure of Ophelia.
    Collaborative project with ASU and Taliesin West.
    March 27 – April 5, 2009
  • The 3rd Annual Pandora Festival
    Plays by 14 Arizona women playwrights, selected by juries from entries statewide, were given staged readings over three days. This year’s festival also featured Pandora’s Lab, a workshop offering 10 playwrights the opportunity to develop their work-in-progress with award winning playwright Tania Katan.
    May 15-17, 2009

2007-2008 SEASON

  • Be Aggressive, by Annie Weisman
    A satirical look at suburban life.
    October 12-21, 2007
  • California Transit, by Diane Lefer
    Awarded the Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction.
    Reading and discussion with the author.
    October 24, 2007
  • Maybe Baby, It's You, by Charlie Shanian and Shari Simpson 
    A wild ride through male-female relationships. A special performance of Canyon Moon Theatre's acclaimed production to benefit the Arizona Women's Theatre Company
    February 5 and 6, 2008
  • The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, by Rebecca Gilman
    A funny, subversive examination of sports, art, and celebrity by the award-winning author of Spinning Into Butter.
    March 7-22, 2008
  • The Second Annual Pandora Festival
    A celebration of new work by 16 Arizona women playwrights
    May 16-18 and May 30-June 1, 2008

2006-2007 SEASON

  • Living Out, by Lisa Loomer
    An examination of the interdependent experiences of Anglo mothers and the undocumented Latinas they hire as nannies.
    Nov 3-26, 2006. 
  • An Evening with Canadian Playwrights Sherry MacDonald and Meah Martin
    Sponsored by the Dept of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Canadian Consulate Generals, LA and Phoenix, and the Canada Council for the Arts
    Nov 5, 2006
  • Girl, 20, by Ellen Fairey
    A story of obsession and betrayal as a female college student's counseling sessions are observed from behind a two-way mirror by male students.
    Feb 2-25, 2007
  • Well, by Lisa Kron
    Directly from Broadway to Scottsdale!  Kron’s Tony-nominated play is a brazen and hilarious exploration of a mother-daughter relationship and what it means to be well.
    April 5-29, 2007
  • The Pandora Festival
    A celebration of new work by Arizona women playwrights
    May 11-12 and 19-20, 2007

2005 -2006 SEASON

  • Talking With, by Jane Martin
    Herberger Lunch Time Theater, Sept 13-23, 2005
  • Complications, by Monica Long Ross
    World premiere, November 4-27, 2005
    A play incorporating old home movies. A woman relives key moments of her life, as her daughters share and keep their own secrets.
  • Tongue of a Bird by Ellen McLaughlin
    An aviator’s search for a missing girl becomes a search for her own past.
    February 3-26, 2006
  • Raise the Roof--Short Plays by Wendy Wasserstein
    April 28-30, 2006

2004 – 2005 SEASON

  • Talking With, by Jane Martin
    AZWTC inaugural benefit performance May 15, 2004
    Herberger Lunch Time Theater, July 24-August 5, 2004,
  • Necessary Targets by Eve Ensler
    A critically-acclaimed play by the groundbreaking playwright and performer of The Vagina Monologues, about women refugees in Bosnia and two American women who want to help them.
    November 4-27, 2004.
  • Women in the Director's Chair Film Festival
    Short films by a diverse group of women
    Scottsdale Community College, January 28-29, 2005
  • A Conversation With Edith Head
    One-woman show starring Susan Claassen as the legendary costume designer.
    March 19, 2005