Nap Time for Babies

A good established routine for baby’s nap time is needed for every baby. Babies need a good amount of sleep in fact they sleep almost all the time. If they are not getting enough sleep, they will get irritable and tired right away. And when this happens it will be hard for them to settle for a nap.

For young babies sleeping patterns are closely linked to how often the baby feeds. So, it is important for you parents to find out what is considered the average for the early episodes of the baby’s life. It is also wise to take into consideration that this average is not true to all babies, this may be vary. It may be recommended to consult your doctor about this.


Newborns sleep from between 16 to 20 hours in one day, this also includes naps in between feeding time. Make it a habit that your baby will stay awake after feeding time so that the baby will not make it a habit to need to feed in order to go to sleep. Once the baby wakes up from its nap, the baby is energized and is wide awake.

2 Months Old

Two months old your baby is a little older now, you should give the baby the opportunity to make the baby relax during naps and bedtime. Don’t worry if your baby cries when put in a cot or a crib, it is just normal for babies to do that. Allow the baby to cry to say 10 minutes and check on him. Please resist the urge to pick him, rub the baby’s head and try to calm the baby by speaking soothingly. You can also rub the baby’s back until the baby is calm.

3 to 6 Months Old

During this age the amount of daytime sleep diminishes. Your baby will sometimes take one nap without warning. This happens during late afternoon; your baby may want to have a nap but and get grumpy, but you need to do anything you need to keep the baby awake. By doing this your baby will sleep through the night.

Over 16 Months

At this age the baby’s morning nap is completely forgotten and will have one afternoon nap about 2 -3 hours per day. Most of babies now will sleep 10-12 hours during the night. For this stage of your baby you should buy a stroller for your baby. You can go to the comparing strollers, a nice sight for stroller comparison.

Make sure your babies will have enough nap time and watch out for cues of being tired like rubbing the eyes and yawning. You should act right away on these cues. It is normal for baby to fuss and cry if put to nap, just leave the baby and let him or her work out so the baby can relax by himself.

Establishing a napping routine is essential for babies and for parents also. Know the cues and establish a routine to make sure your baby gets enough sleep.